Macro Feature in 2.14

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Post by sod » Jun 24th, ’14, 11:34

Interesting feature! And hard to miss, because it overrides fullscreen (F11) in nearly every app and dev tools (F12) in every browser :D

I rebound them to WIN+F11/F12. After recording a macro, playback only works for me twice ... on the third playback it either executes the previous macro or does not listen to the playback shortcut at all. Tested in Subline Text 2, Windows 7 SP1.

Can I save a macro if the setting "Show save dialog after recording" is not set?
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Post by Marko » Jun 24th, ’14, 12:49

I understand - let's wait for the feedback from other users - no problem to change the defaults. ;)

Please reload Fastkeys after changing the record/play shortcuts and it will work properly.

You can also record a command in any module by selecting a Record button (available in Send and Command type). If "Show save dialog after recording" is not set, you can not save it. We could add this option in the next releases.

Any other suggestions are highly appreciated. :)
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Post by HakanZ » Jul 8th, ’14, 18:50

Maybe change shortcuts to

Alt F12 - Record (not to be pressed by mistake)

F12 - Play (must stay one key for a quick editing)

I like macro function very much!
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