How to automate attaching files on WhatsAppWeb

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Post by george_lobo » Apr 10th, ’21, 07:08

I can automate attaching an image in WhatsApp Web using the macro option "Insert image" and it works very well as shown in the following image


but there is no option to insert files such as pdf, there is only the option of "file content" but that option does not work in WhatsApp Web
any ideas?

I use FastKeys a lot every day, it has made many tasks easier for me, I really congratulate them Tom and Marko, without a doubt FastKeys is one of my favorite software

I apologize for the wording, I am using google translator

I am from Mexico, I send you greetings, congratulations and thanks in advance
Jorge Aguero Lobo
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Post by Tom » Apr 10th, ’21, 18:43

Thanks for your kind words. :D

File contents macro does not insert a file. It reads and inserts the file content - the supported formats are non formatted text, html, rtf and image files.
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