FK, occasionally executing wrong commands/bugging out?... (bit of a long post)

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Post by Oblomov » Oct 16th, ’20, 14:24


Today I was working at the computer, using my much beloved and basically indispensable FK.

To my memory, this hasn't before, but after executing some relatively simple command, it must've executed some other command along with it, or just bugged out somehow. But it basically just went ahead and shut down my computer, in the middle of work (thank God I save everything frequently, otherwise this would've been pretty to very disastrous)

Now I've definitely had/have FK executing 'wrong commands', every now and then. But my reason for not making a specific thread on this earlier, is due to the usually fairly insignificant nature/consequences, of these otherwise, little 'blunders'

For example I have program with the shortcut 'Shift + Win + X'

That has the following body:

Code: Select all

Send, {50}
MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos

Send, {LButton}{LButton}{LButton}
Send, ^{c down}{c up}
MouseMove, 266, 17
Send, {LButton}^{Enter}
Send, ^v{50}
;Send, {Backspace}
MouseMove, xpos, ypos
Send, {LButton}
Now it works just fine, most of the time, but sometimes when I press it, it just clicks around all of my monitors, opens up stuff it shouldn't, etc., basically bugs out…

Now as mentioned, these kind of 'smaller glitches/whatever you wanna call it', aren't really an issue for me per se, as it's usually just a short bug-out with little to no consequences; apart from loss, of a fairly small portion of time (it does add up after a while, but it doesn't drive me too crazy).

The issue is more in the unpredictability and potential, larger consequences, that could indeed be very disastrous. As evidenced today

For example, if I was to be doing/solving an exam digitally, that e.g., was assigned 4 hours, and this happened today; I would either end up failing the exam or impair the results, very considerably… in other words, the outcome would be devastating, to say the least

Perhaps in future, it would be possible to convert all of one's commands, text expansions and such, to plain AHK? I.e. FK ➔ export pure AHK ➔ then manually load it into some AHK script/file, of one's own choosing. that one could use all of one's commands through AHK, and not worry, about something like this happening when you'd least want it. I.e. in critical use cases, such as the aforementioned.

If it/this were a separate program, I would very much be glad to buy/purchase it...

FK is definitely, worlds more convenient than pure AHK for me, in regards to daily/non-critical use (Quick find, great visual overview of everything, etc.).

But when I need to be 100% sure that things won't go wrong, it seems that pure AHK, would seemingly be more reliable... I could of course be wrong on that; but I've thus far, never really had any issues with pure AHK, whereas I've unfortunately had quite a bit/many, with FK...

I don't have any other automation/macro programs running. I have a small AHK script with some commands, but I would've immediately known if it was one of them, as I have very few commands in it, that are otherwise not in FK

Kind regards,
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Post by Marko » Oct 16th, ’20, 21:01

As per internal design, FastKeys contains AutoHotkey engine and runs AHK scripts exactly as AutoHotkey - there can be no difference.

I suspect the problem may be in the combination of different scripts you are using. Also, simulating the mouse clicks and key presses can cause unexpected behavior, for example if the wrong window is in focus etc. You may need to add additional controls, like WinActive command etc. ... tivate.htm
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