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Post by Marko » Sep 23rd, ’17, 12:34

Dear FastKeys users,

thanks for visiting new FastKeys forums. During last few weeks we were able to transfer all the information (users, topics, posts etc.) from the old forum to a new domain. It was not an easy task but we hope you will like it. :)

Please note that the user passwords have been changed. Registered users, please login and select "I forgot my password" option to reset the password. Then change your password using User Control Panel/Account settings.

Please give us your feedback how you like a new webpage and the forum. Suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated. Thanks! :D

Thank you all for your support.


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Post by gustms » Nov 9th, ’17, 17:03

Thank you Marko, it is looking great!

Wish you success in this improved version.
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