FastKeys 5.07 Released

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Post by Marko » Mar 18th, ’22, 18:26

What's new in FastKeys 5.07:
March 18, 2022

Team sharing is now easier than ever. These features are available in Professional Edition. This is how it works:
- The user who wants to start sharing his settings can export the data to the central folder (local network or any cloud sync folder like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc,) which can be accessed by other users, by selecting File/Team/Export menu option.
- Other users can then open the shared file by selecting File/Team/Open Shared File menu option, to start using the shared settings.
- Users can also contribute their command items or change the shared settings if this is enabled by the system administrator. Use File/Team/Share menu option to share the selected items into the shared file. ... aring.html

Release notes:
- Team sharing features are now easier to access (Professional Edition),
- New Share menu for quick item sharing,
- New Export file feature,
- Command line parameters,
- Import optimizations,
- Updated translations (Italian, Brazilian, French, Catalan),
- Several other enhancements and bug fixes.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated. Thanks! :)

Download FastKeys HERE.
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Post by gustms » Mar 19th, ’22, 20:44

Thank you!
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