This article will guide you through some of the most common issues that may come up when using FastKeys and how to solve them.

Text Expander substitution is incomplete or broken

In some slower, typically web-based applications, FastKeys key sending can be too fast. In such cases you need to introduce a short delay in Preferences > Text Expander > Advanced. Set a Key Delay to 10-50ms and see if this helps. Key delays can be restricted to certain applications by specifying a list of window titles in which delays will be active.

The following modifier characters have a special meaning in FastKeys: ^ - Ctrl key, ! - Alt key, + - Shift key, # - Win key. This allows sending not only text but also other actions. The recognition of modifier characters can be disabled in Preferences > Text Expander. Alternatively, to properly show them, put them in braces, like {^}, {!}, {+}, {#} or select Send Raw Text option.

FastKeys is blocked or reported as a threat by some security software

FastKeys is clean and safe software. Some web security or antivirus software may occasionally wrongly suspect FastKeys as Spyware because it processes keyboard input. Such reports are false and FastKeys is absolutely safe to use. In such cases please manually unblock FastKeys from the quarantine manually until the issue is resolved.

FastKeys doesn't run

Please check if FastKeys is actually running - you can open a FastKeys main window by clicking the tray icon. If the tray icon is missing, click the triangle icon in the task tray and drag the FastKeys icon into the system tray to make it permanently visible.

Some FastKeys functionality could be blocked by some antivirus or antiSpyware software - please look for  "keylogger protection", "sandboxing" or similar options. For example in Webroot SecureAnywhere try disabling "Web Threat Shield"‚Äč or "Identity Shield" options, in Zemana Antilogger try disabling "Enable keystroke detection" option, in ESET Antivirus disable "Keyboard protection" option.

Another example is a Nahimic process which blocks FastKeys from running. Please use Task Manager to disable the process.

FastKeys stops working

This is most probably caused by another conflicting software which may listen for keyboard input and block the "keyboard hook", typically some anti viruses or software similar to FastKeys. Restart FastKeys to re-enable the commands or alternatively close the other program which is causing the issue.

FastKeys shows strange characters while typing

This is most probably caused by another conflicting software which breaks FastKeys "keyboard hook". Known programs include "Microsoft Powertoys Quick Accent", "Microsoft Powertoys Keyboard Manager", "VDOS", "Microsoft Intellitype".

Close and restart FastKeys to reinstall the keyboard hook. If this doesn't work, you need to exit other applications which listen and interfere with the keyboard input.

FastKeys is not working in a specific application

You are most probably having administrative privileges issue. Try running both the application and FastKeys as Administrator - right-click the program icon and select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. You could also try setting the "Run as administrator" option in Preferences > General.

If FastKeys works everywhere except in your browser - check Webroot or similar programs and adjust their settings.

Mouse Gestures are not working

Gestures only work when the main FastKeys window is closed. Make sure you close FastKeys window before triggering the gesture. Also, check your gesture shortcut in Preferences > Gestures.

Software bugs

We are always working to improve our software and highly appreciate your help in spotting potential problems. If you encounter what you think is a software bug, check if you have the latest version installed. If the bug persists after updating FastKeys, please report the issue to our support mail with detailed information and steps. Our support team will do its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

FastKeys forgets the registration information

In such cases, launch FastKeys with Administrative privileges by right-clicking the program icon and selecting "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. Then enter your registration information again. If troubles persist, please contact our support mail.

If your issue is not answered here, please email us at: [email protected]