How to restrict my item only to work in a specific application?

In the command definition dialog you can specify a window name or class to restrict the single command to only work in specific application(s). Alternatively you can specify the Only active in/Not active options in the Preferences. You can use the Window Information tool to retrieve missing information.

Text Expander output is corrupted

In some slower, typically web-based applications, FastKeys key sending can be too fast. In such cases you need to introduce a short delay in Preferences > Text Expander > Advanced. Set a Key Delay to 10-50ms and see if this helps.

How to edit Input field and selection form macros?

Double-click a variable name (colored red) to open a macro definition window and edit the settings.

How to add labels to choices?

To add a label to choices, use a description followed by a description separator. The default description separator is "::" and can be changed in Preferences/Text Expander. Example:



How to use selection input fields for conditional logic only and not output the selected value?

Use underscore "_" prefix in the variable name (like "_MyVar") not to output the text.

How to create an HTML signature line with links and images

FastKeys can run HTML code - right click on a Substitute field to select HTML mode. Also check many online html signature generators, for example:

After creating your signature, paste generated HTML code to FastKeys Substitute field (HTML mode).

How to create a new Phrase File

The easiest way to create a new Phrase File:

- in Text Expander module select Insert/New Empty File menu,

- select your shared folder on the left and then choose a File name, press Save,

- double-click on the newly created Phrase File item and then press the Edit File button to add strings to the phrase file.

You can also create or edit the phrase file (.fkp) manually in any text editor, it's a text file.

How to randomize text?

FastKeys supports random text generation syntax (Spintax) by default. You can disable it in Preferences > Text Expander. Enter Spintax syntax in the substitution field to randomize parts of the text. Example: {Hello|Hi} will send random text: Hello or Hi.  

Alternatively, you can also use an Input Selection Form macro - type Random.

How to quickly create a new item?

The easiest way is to use a Quick-add shortcut (default is Ctrl+1, you can change it in Preferences > Shortcuts). For example, select some text in any application and press Ctrl-1 to add it to FastKeys. The item creation is content based - It works with many different selections, text, files, folders, shortcuts, scripts etc.

How to use if conditions in text

You can use If Condition macro (Press More button and select Macros...). Example:

Condition name: Morning

Condition: A_Hour<12

Your text would look like this:

Good %IF_Morning%morning%ELSE%afternoon%END%,