Runs an external program, opens a folder or web page.


Specify file, application, folder or website path(s). Path can be any valid path in Windows. Press Open button to select the file with the file dialog.


C:\Program Files\FastKeys\FastKeys.exe

Example of a valid folder path:

C:\Program Files

Example of a website address:

You can also run external Autohotkey script files (.ahk). There are many ready-to-use scripts available by the large Autohotkey Community. Example:

C:\Program Files\FastKeys\Scripts\Advanced Calculator.ahk

You can specify several paths, each on a new line, to be opened at the same time. Select More/View/Insert mode menu to select Insert or Overwrite mode. The following command will run several applications and folders at the same time.

C:\Program Files\FastKeys\FastKeys.exe

You can can trigger multiple commands which can be selected from the popup window. Use a delimiter as a first character in a new line to divide multiple command actions. Default delimiter is "/" which can be changed in Preferences > Text Expander. The popup window will appear next to the cursor to allow selection of the desired command. This way you can use FastKeys as a handy launcher.

/C:\Program Files\FastKeys\FastKeys.exe

To improve visibility, add a description prefix to multiple selections. In this case only description will appear on a popup window. The default description separator is "::" and can be changed in Preferences > Text Expander.

Firefox:: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe
/MyFolder:: D:\MyFolder
/FastKeys webpage::


Open - Select file or folder.

Library - Select preset command from the Library.        

More - Select more options.