FastKeys Macro Recorder can be used to record keystrokes and mouse actions to teach the computer to perform tasks automatically. This way the tedious procedures on a computer can be performed over and over again with a single press of a button.

Recording a macro

You can record a macro anytime directly by pressing a recording shortcut. Recorded macro will stay in memory, waiting to be played back anytime as needed.

To record a macro

- Press F12 shortcut on the keyboard to start recording

- Perform the computer actions, Macro Recorder records your text input, mouse clicks, window actions etc

- Press F12 shortcut on the keyboard again to stop recording.

The last recorded macro can be inserted into the command by selecting a desired module and then selecting Insert > Recorded macro menu.

Playing back a macro

Press F11 shortcut on the keyboard to play the recorded macro.

Recording and saving macro as a command

Macro recording can also be used to quickly record the command content in any module. You can then trigger and play a macro as any other  FastKeys command item.

To record a macro

- Press Record button on a command definition dialog.

- When ready, follow the recording steps above.

- Edit the recorded action steps in the command field if needed.

- Save the command settings.

Setting Macro Recorder

The detailed Macro Recorder settings can be set in Preferences > Functions > Macro Recorder.

To change the Macro Recorder shortcuts, select a Record or Play shortcut field and press the desired key combination on the keyboard.

More settings: User Preferences

NOTE : Mouse movements are not recorded.