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Lan Glad

Milo Shapiro

Roland Tóth for Hungarian translation

TWaits for Slovenian translation

Yaroslav P. and Nick for Russian translation

Mintaz Aksoy for Dutch translation

MoonyHart for Japanese translation

Nico78 for French translation

Marco Lúcio Rosa Batista for Portuguese translation

Themistocles Papassilekas for Greek translation

Michał Chęciński for Polish translation

Jürgen Feldmann for German translation

Marián Hikaník (www.mojepreklady.net) for Slovak translation

Mohamed Abdalazez for Arabic translation

Milton Chaves de Almeida for Brazilian Portuguese translation

Dennis M Wallentin for Swedish translation

Salva Roselló for Spanish translation

Fantasynoff for Chinese Simplified translation

Abdul Tauhid for Hindi translation

tfr for Italian translation

SALiH DRD for Turkish translation

Ronny Oretap for Norwegian translation

Patrick Eder for German translation

Markus Jungwirth for German translation

martinpz97 for Bulgarian translation

Uday Prakash for Tamil translation

Daniel Portella for Catalan translation

Cristi-Marian Angheluță for Romanian translation

Gautier Cailly for French translation

Lculator Zaloom for Arabic translation

Muhammed Gültekin for Swedish translation

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