Allows automating the text depending on met conditions using If, Else, End structure. Within a condition you can check entered Input or Select variables, date and time variables, functions etc.

Name - The unique name of the macro field. The field name cannot contain blanks or special characters. Two fields with the same name and of the same type are treated as one - the user input is only required once.

Condition - Specify a condition or select "..." button to choose one of the preset variables, operators or functions. Condition can be any valid expression containing

- Variable names: user defined macro variables (INPUT_Customer etc., SELECT_Gender etc.), built-in variables (A_Hour etc.)

- Operators: and, or, =, >, <, +, -, *, / etc.

- Numbers: 1, 2, 3.14 etc.

- Strings: in quotes: "male", "female" etc.

- Functions: Abs(), Round() etc.

Select the OK button to insert a %IF_ConditionName% macro field into the command. Double-click on the field name to open the dialog and edit the macro properties again. %ELSE% and %END% fields can be used optionally to confine the conditional text. Nested conditions are not supported and are ignored.

In the following example, the condition (A_Hour<12) is used to variate an opening phrase based on time.

Good %IF_Morning%morning%ELSE%afternoon%END%.

In the above example, the condition used is