FastKeys recognizes entered words and sentences and makes spelling and other corrections during your work.

Spelling correction

The spelling correction feature is a part of the regular Text Expander feature. It is typically used with the help of provided Phrase Files which contain spelling correction items that replace misspelled words with the correct form. The support for several languages or common words is already provided with the FastKeys installation, others are available per request.

Enable Phrase file by clicking on Run checkbox.

FastKeys can import various existing auto-correct and autotext data from delimited text, Microsoft Excel, AutoHotkey or Breevy files using File > Import menu.

Correct sentence capitals

FastKeys can automatically capitalize the first word of a new sentence. This feature can be enabled in Preferences > Functions.

COrrect DOuble capitals

FastKeys can automatically correct the second capital letter of each word into lower case after entering the third letter in lower case. This feature can be enabled in Preferences > Functions.