Executes an external AutoHotkey command script.


Run external Autohotkey script files (.ahk). There are many ready-to-use scripts available by the large Autohotkey Community.

Specify Autohotkey script files to run. Paths can be any valid Windows path. Press Open button to select the file with the file dialog.


C:\Program Files\FastKeys\Scripts\Advanced Calculator.ahk

You can specify several paths which will be run at the same time, each on a new line. Press INS/OVR button to select Insert mode to specify or select a list of files. For example, the following command will run several scripts at the same time.

C:\Program Files\FastKeys\Scripts\Advanced Calculator.ahk
C:\Program Files\FastKeys\Scripts\MyMacro.ahk


Open - Select the file from computer disk.

More - Select more options.

INS/OVR - Click to change to insert or overwrite mode.