Opens a folder or web page.


Specify folder or website paths to open. Paths can be any valid path in Windows. Press Open button to select the folder with the file dialog.

Example of a valid folder path:

C:\Program Files

Example of a website address:

You can specify several paths which will be opened at the same time, each on a new line. Press INS/OVR button to select Insert mode to specify or select a list of folders or websites. For example, the following command will open several folders or web pages.

C:\Program Files

You can also can trigger multiple commands which can be selected from the popup window. Use a delimiter as a first character in a new line to divide multiple command actions. Default delimiter is "/" which can be changed in Preferences. The popup window will appear next to the cursor to allow selection of the desired command. This way you can use FastKeys a handy launcher.

/C:\Program Files\FastKeys\FastKeys.exe

To improve visibility, add a description prefix to multiple selections. In this case only description will appear on a popup window. The default description separator is "::" and can be changed in Preferences > Text Expander.

FastKeys folder:: C:\Program Files\FastKeys
FastKeys page::

NOTE: You can use both Run and Open command types interchangeably for running files, opening folders, opening websites, running AutoHotkey script files etc.


Open - Select the folder from computer disk.

More - Select more options.

INS/OVR - Click to change to insert or overwrite mode.