FastKeys Enterprise Edition is a special FastKeys edition which offers advanced features for business users. It includes all the features of the Regular Edition plus many advanced features like central deployment, shared settings library, advanced administrator settings etc.:

After downloading, un-zip the files to the specified folder. The following files are included:

- FastKeys Setup Enterprise - FastKeys installation file with pre-set default policy settings. This is all you need if you would use the default settings.

- Policy Manager - Separate application which allows editing specific policy settings before the software deployment to end users..

Basic settings

Run FastKeys, open user Preferences and select Enterprise tab on the left menu.

Shared file - set a path to FastKeys shared settings file which is used by all users. Press ... button to select the settings file from the network or shared drive. Shared settings will be automatically loaded at FastKeys startup. This setting is disabled if defined in the policy (see below).

Information - various information and messages for the end user, as set in the policy.

Policy Manager

The policy (Policy.ini) is a special file which is used to

- set additional settings not available in FastKeys, or

- pre-set and lock the FastKeys user Preferences.

To prepare the policy:

- Copy the Policy Manager.exe to the FastKeys main folder,

- Run Policy Manager to prepare your policy settings,

- Deploy the created policy.ini file to end users (see alternatives below).

More details: Policy Manager

Shared settings - example

For example, if you wish to set a common settings file which would be shared by all users:

- use FastKeys to create a settings file with shared settings and save it (File/Save As...) under a new name (for example Common.fdb)

- copy the saved file to network location accessible to all users (for example W:\CommonFilesFolder),

- use Policy Manager to set the path to your common settings file, using LoadFile setting, for example:

LoadFile                W:\CommonFilesFolder\Common.fdb


There are two ways to install the policy for the end user:

Local policy

- Install the policy.ini file to main FastKeys folder on each user's computer.

Shared policy

- Install the policy.ini file on a network location accessible to all users. Install "local.ini" text file to each user's computer with the path to the policy file. For example, if your policy.ini file is located on a W:\Shared folder, the content of the local.ini file would be:


The advantage of the shared policy file is that the administrator can change any policy setting without a need to deploy the settings to users again.

More details: Installation